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Atlas metal Sales Gives Up the Goods

Atlas Metal Sales in Denver, CO. – the nonferrous metals service center division of Atlas Metal and Iron Corp. – is in its 45th year as the Rocky Mountain region’s largest industrial scrap metal processing firm for nonferrous metals, and in its 25th year as a service center of new nonferrous metals.

What does all this mean? Heck, what does “nonferrous” mean?

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, it means “of or relating to metals other than iron.” Therefore, Atlas Metal Sales is the number one seller of non-iron scrap, both recycled (previously part of another working entity) and new (just pulled out of the ground).

What does this mean to Art Revue readers?

Atlas Metal Sales is a distributor for some of the nation’s most well-respected bronze alloy producers, including Revere Copper, Olin Brass, Ansonia Copper, H. Kramer, CMX, and Monett Metals. Atlas provides artists, foundries, and fabricator customers with a wide variety of ingot choices (a mold in which metal is cast). Atlas started as a distributor of aluminum to regional foundries, but has quickly added a variety of other ingot products -- including brass, copper, bronze, lead, pewter, and zinc -- to its line.

Can’t I get metal for my sculptures from anywhere?

Atlas has an established reputation for quality and competitive pricing and provides services such as saw cutting, shearing, and forming. The company has the ability to create flexible payment plans and orders of any size, and usually provides next-day shipping service. Atlas Metal is one of only a few distributors that stocks wrought shapes of silicon bronze, including sheet, plate, rod, bar and tube.

Do they really know their stuff?

Art bronze casting in the past, and currently in many Italian foundries, used Red Brass, a copper alloy having the nominal chemistry of 85 % copper, 5% tin, 5% lead and 5% zinc. Red Brass has a universally recognized Copper Development Association (CDA) number of CDA836. Contemporary art foundries normally use either Everdur Silicon Bronze or Herculoy Silicon Bronze. Everdur is usually called 95-4-1 (CDA873), symbolizing its nominal chemistry of 95% copper, 4% silicon and 1% manganese. Herculoy is usually called 92-3-3 (CDA876), symbolizing its nominal chemistry of 92% copper, 4% silicon and 4% zinc. The selection is simply a foundry choice.

In the wrought form, silicon bronze has a CDA number of CDA655 and its nominal chemistry is 97% copper and 3% silicon. In plate form, it is called Herculoy (an original trademarked name by Revere Copper and Brass). It is sometimes confusing to artists in that the Herculoy plate is actually closer in chemistry to Everdur ingot than to Herculoy ingot. Atlas maintains one of the largest stocks of silicon bronze shapes in the country, thereby eliminating the need for artisans to wait up to the normal 14 to 16 week lead time on mill direct shipments.

What?? We didn’t realize a chemistry class was needed to decipher all this information. Bottom line? When it comes down to it, Atlas Metal Sales has a reputation for being the one to go to when you need metal.

Atlas Metal Sales prides itself on locating hard-to-find items, customer service and prompt shipment,
generally within 24 hours of receipt of your order.

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  1. High quality metals
    Specialty alloys, various shapes and forms
  2. Personal service
    Customer satisfaction, locate hard to find materials
  3. 24 hour shipments
    Prompt shipments, specialty metals warehouse

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"Atlas, thanks for your help on locating the materials I needed for my project. I will be back."- Henry Levenson

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