356 Aluminum Casting Alloy

Fabricating Characteristics Rating
Resistance to Hot Cracking E
Pressure Tightness E
Fluidity E
Solidification Shrinkage E
Elev. Temperature Strength G
Corrosion Resistance VG
Machining F
Polishing G
Gas Welding E
Arc Welding E
Brazing No
Normally Heat Treated Yes

E - Excellent VG - Very Good G - Good F - Fair P - Poor

Chemical Composition

Silicon 6.5% to 7.5%
Iron .50% max.
Copper .25% max.
Manganese .35% max.
Magnesium .25% to .45%
Zinc .35% max.
Titanium .25% max.
Aluminum 91.0% to 93.0%

Outstanding Characteristics

Excellent Castability, Weldability and Pressure Tightness

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